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Lessees; Robert Pearson, Kingmoor

Robert Pearson of Kingmoor yeoman [part of the 60 acres referred to above]. John son of Thomas Mitchinson, Rickergate, cooper, Thomas son of Joseph Ismay of Kelsay, Bromfield, yeoman, James son of William Robinson, Stanwix, yeoman,. Acreage 10, rent 5s

20 June 1759




Bargain and sale for 15

George Hud(d)leston of Wiggonby yeo., to Thomas Gaitt of Parton (p. Thursby), yeo. - freehold property in Parton aforesaid, namely "one tofte stead, one mansion house, one barne, and other litle howses", and 1 acre of arable land adjoining the toftstead, all at a place called Crofts; also -acre arable and waste land at Cowett Tree; also -acre meadow at Christopher Close; with common of pasture and turbary Mark of George Hud(d)leston. (In this deed his surname is variously given one -d- or two). Seal-tag, with traces of red/brown seal. Witnesses, the following all of Parton (each makes mark): John Ismeie (Ismay), Robert Tiffin, Thomas Hewet, George Walker; and Michael Studholme senior (signature).

8 October 1628




Agreement to partition the Islekirk Estate

Daniel Postlethwaite of Islekirk yeo., to Joseph Steel of Islekirk yeo.; recital begins with Daniel's purchase of the estate from the Hamiltons on 18 March 1739/40 - divides the estate as follows: First, the minerals, "the Water grist Mill, Mill-hill, Court Yards and Lands about the Mansion House and between there and the Mill" are excepted; the rest partitioned thus: To Daniel Postlethwaite, the two kitchens and lofts above the same, "being the North Angle" of the mansion called Islekirk Hall, also the parlour and loft above it "at the Sun End of the said North Angle and West End of the East Angle, all the Stable and Gatehouse and one half of the Byar or Cowhouse from the North Side of the Great Barn to be Sett off at the North End, and three lengths of Timber or roomsteeds at the East End of the said Great Barn (being on the North Side of the Beck) and all the Thatch'd Barn on the South Side of the said Beck; To Joseph Steel, "the Hall and Parlour and Lofts above the Same and Great Stair Case being the East Angle of the said Mansion House", the rest of the byre or cowhouse and of the Great Barn, also the calf house and ground on the west side of the cowhouse "unto the range of the North Wall of the little Garden on the East Side of the Court Yard and also the said little Garden"; Also divides the Orchard; the Wheat Close; and the fields (named here) for which they have drawn lots; locations stated; these fields include "the two hop garths", "Hunter Buss", "the Park", "the West Intack", "the Bellows", "Goosehalls", "Dicky Field", "the Flatt"; the West Intack abuts on "the Road that leads from Islekirk Hall to Wigton"; defines and apportions the hedges or fences to be made to effect this partition, and agrees "that the Way from Islekirk Hall leading directly through the West Intack to Wigton shall be Laned out Seven Yards Wide; that the Way from the Said Hall Through the Flatt and Hunter Buss to Goosehills, shall be Laned out Four Yards Wide", and repaired by the two parties jointly, and each shall hedge their respective lengths, (blank) May 1742 Signed by the parties; red shellac blobs. Addendum on second sheet (attached): That the lands etc. excepted from the above, shall be held by the two parties in common, except that Daniel "may build a Roomstead to the East End of the Great Barn; And that .. Joseph ... may Build against the West Side of the Byar" (defines where exactly), and that Daniel and Joseph shall lay their dung and manure on the north and south side respectively of the Great Barn, but clear of the Barn's walls and contents; and that any coal either of them, their heirs or assigns find or work on the estate shall be their joint property if they pay the expenses jointly; or if only one does, that one shall have the profit too; and that he shall pay the other no more than 10s. 0d. a year damages for effects of the mining; also, all rates taxes and tithes due from the estate shall be paid by half each; and that none of the above shall cancel Daniel's mortgage to Joshua Lucock, or evade his obligations thereunder; covenant to surrender "the Tenancy Closes" to Joseph (i.e. the customary lands), (blank) May 15 Geo. II, 1742 Signed by the parties (Daniel signs as "Daniel Postlewait"); red shellac seals (small; no device). Witnesses: Joseph Senhouse, Joseph Ismay.



DB 20/553


Apprenticeship Record



DB 112/NEGS/1966-17-4-262-Box 2 of 7



Fire; Workington; Robert Ismay; Rescuer; Ian Dixon; 6 year old; Judith; Pop; 1966





William Story

Deeds relating to Grinsdale, Kirkandrews-upon-Eden, Beaumont, Plumpton, Moorhouse, and Alstonby; wills (some copies) of John Hodgson (2), John Robson, Joseph Irving, Robert Robson and John Graham; ordination of Thomas Ismay.





Deeds relating to the estate of Christopher Pattenson of Penrith Esq., (died 1756) and to its...

The three sisters were: Elizabeth, wife of Mr Thomas Simpson; Dorothy, wife of Mr John Raincock; Mary, wife of Mr William Aderton. By 1764, Mary was a widow. By 1764 also, there had been at least one Chancery lawsuit in the matter, and several more were pending. This despite attempts in 1756 to avert litigation. As follows: Contemporary copy of Will (12 Feb. 1742 [/3]) of Christopher Pattenson of Penrith Esq. - mentions also (besides his three sisters) his granddaughters Elizabeth Simpson and Mary Raincock; his aunt Mrs Dorothy Pattenson; the Rev Lancelot Pattenson of Melmerby; his cousin Mary, wife of Mr William Holmes, his cousin Mr Thomas Lough of Monument Yard, London, gent; Estate: the capital house Carleton hall and the Manor or Reputed Manor of Carleton; and houses and lands in Culgaith and Penrith, office copy circa 1743 Bargain and sale for 56 (John Little of St. James's Westminster, brewer, to Christopher Pattenson of Carleton Hall Esq.) - The Twizles, being a tenantright 2-acre close at Eamont Bridge (Westmorland) with the "River Emont" on north and west, in the "Manor of Yanwath and Bridge", rent 2s. 6d., 1746 Mortgage for 400 (The Rev William Preston of Brougham, Westmorland, and Peter Brougham of Askrigg in Yorkshire gent., to Lancelot Simpson of Penrith gent), reciting from start of the mortgage on 21 Oct. 1743 (when the said Peter was of Hursthwaite, Yorks., gent., and the said William was Rector of Brougham) - customary or tenantright lands in Eamont Bridge (Manor of Yanwath and Bridge) known as Proctor's, Ion's, of Bridge, Ion's of Yanwath, Little's, Jackson's, Birket's "and others", total rent 1. 2s. 10d.; with .. common of pasture and turbary, 1750 Bargain and sale for 171. 10s. 0d. (Lancelot Simpson of Penrith gent and Peter Brougham of Askrigg p. Aysgarth in Yorks., hosier, to Christopher Pattenson of Carleton Hall Esq.), reciting from the 1743 mortgage onwards - close called Low Close in Eamont Bridge (Westmorland) part of the estate mortgaged in 1743 (Manor of Yanwath and Bridge), apportioned customary rent 5s.0d. and 1s. 2d. prescription for tithe hay; also 5 cattlegates on yanwath High Moor, occupied by Joseph Boak, apportioned cust. rent 1s. 3d.; abuttals of Low Close stated, 1754 Mock-armorial seal of dull red/brown wax, showing a kitchen fireplace and dated "I.G. 1738". Bargain and sale for 51 (Lancelot Simpson of Penrith gent and Peter Brougham of Askrigg p. Aysgarth in Yorks., hosier, to Christopher Pattenson of Carleton Hall Esq.), reciting from the 1743 mortgage onwards - customary or tenantright parcels called The Lowfield Lands at Eamont Bridge (Wd.) (same Manor), namely half of Wilson's Close (1 acre) lying intermixed with Richard Hall's land; 1 rood called The Swang; 3 roods called Rudding How; total rent 2s. 0d., 1754 Two admittances re Low Close and The Lowfield Lands - Christopher Pattenson, 1754 Bargain and sale for 30 (Mary Laburn [also spelled Leyburn, above] late of Eamont Bridge, Westmorland, spinster, to Christopher Pattenson of Carleton Hall Esq.) - her "field or inclosure" called Low Ing (Pattenson and Bleamires, abuttals), cust. rent (same Manor) 1s. 6d. and 10d for tithe hay; with common of pasture and turbary, 1755 Admittance to same - Christopher Pattenson Esq., 1755 Assignment (Thomas Simpson of Penrith gent and Elizabeth his wife ([sister] co-heiress, and joint Executrix of the late Christopher Pattenson of Carleton Hall Esq.), to Hugh Simpson of Penrith gent., their only son) of the lands etc. left by the late Christopher to his three sisters, share and share alike prior to the share-out, not yet made; reciting the following leases: Lessor: Lord Egremont Estate: House and land (82 acres) called Bolton Demesne, and the water corn mill there, with multure from "Some of the Cust. Tenants of Bolton"; term not here specified 1750 Lessor: Dean & Chapter Estate: Corn and hay tithes of Little Strickland p. Morland (Wd.) for 21 years 1755 Lessor: Bishop of Carlisle Estate: House, tenement, and garth in Bishop's Row, Penrith (abuttals: house late Mr John Pattenson on north; house late Mr John Lowther on south), and 1 roods "at Kempley or Corryflat" 1751 Also reciting that the said Christopher had a long-term interest in a house and its land at Temple Sowerby called Lough's (field-names), 1756 Agreement (same to same) to levy fine to clear title prior to the share-out; to end all disputes of the three sisters; to sever the joint tenancy "(if such it be)" of the late Christopher's estate; and to determine the uses of the Simpsons' share, and what Elizabeth's third of it is to be, 1756 Estates stated as follows: Whose Estate: Christopher Pattenson deceased Properties: Carleton Hall mansion and grounds, with all ..dovehouses ..garths Properties: The Manor or Reputed Manor of Carleton Properties: Freehold house and farm called Frenchfield (formerly Thomas Ward's) Properties: Elizabeth's one-third share (as one of the three co-heiresses) of the following: Properties: House called Netherend in Penrith, wherein Thomas Simpson now dwells Properties: Water corn mill or mills and Fulling Mill at Eamont Bridge (Cumberland) Tenants: Richard Chapelhow and Thomas Robson Properties: Houses and tofts in Carleton called Sanderson's, Brougham House, and Jackson's Properties: Lands (named) in Eamont Bridge, including Kempley, Corryflatt, Killgarth Properties: Lands (named) in Penrith, including Barco, Wetherick, Clowers, Thulbar, Southwaite Nook) Properties: Parcels at Skirsgill intermixed with William Whelpdale's, Esq. Tenants: William Whelpdale Esq. Properties: Houses and lands (all named) at Culgaith, total quit rents 3s. 0d. Properties: Customary lands in Blencarn, rents 16s. 8d. Tenants: Richard Atkinson, William Buckle, John Salkeld, John Cannon Properties: House and land at Blencarn called the Lowhall, p. Kirkland and Ousby, and the water corn mill there. Properties: Capital mansion-house called Kelsick otherwise Kelswick Hall p. Bromfield, and its demesne and other lands Properties: Corn and hay tithes of Kelsick, [West] Newton, Allonby, Dundraw Properties: Burgage barn in the Borough of Cockermouth, in St. Helen's, a street there Tenants: William Little Whose Estate: Thomas Simpson Esq. Properties: Houses and lands at Skelton, lately bought from Reginald Buckle of Skelton, comprising 2 houses, barns etc., gardens, crofts, and 15 parcels in various parts of Skelton Townfields (all named), total 23 acres approx. Tenants: John Wilkinson, Robert Weightman, and the said Reginald Buckle Properties: House and land in Skelton, lately bought from Jonathan and Joseph Abbott; the land being in 2 closes, total 4 acres. Properties: 1 parcel on Great Watrigg lately bought from (blank) Gill Properties: House and farm at Unthank p. Skelton formerly owned by John Sewell jun. and Henry Richmond Brougham Esq. Tenants: Nathan James Properties: Several parcels of the Farlands, a freehold "Tract of Moorish Ground" at Glassonby, partly bought and partly exchanged with Timothy Featherstonhaugh Esq., Thomas Bird, Hugh Dodd, William Bird, John Dodd, John Kidd, Joseph Kidd, Richard Kidd, Christopher Thompson, John Sowerby, John Bleymire, Henry Bleymire, John Dawson, and R8ichard Marshal. Tenants: Jonathan Harrison and John Livock Properties: House and land at Little Salkeld, formerly Thomas Lowson's, and bought by Thomas Simpson from John Ion. Then determines the uses, thus: The late Christopher Pattenson's Estate: To Thomas Simpson for life, then to his wife Elizabeth, her heirs and assigns for ever. Thomas Simpson's Skelton, Unthank, Lt Salkeld, and Glassonby Estate: To Thomas Simpson for life, then his heirs and assigns for ever. Five dimissions (Manor of Yanwath and Eamont Bridge) - Elizabeth Simpson, to her late brother's estate - "House, Dyhouse, and Bier" [byre], croft (6 roods), and closes (named), 1756 Legacy receipt from Mary Aderton - for 500 to equalise her share with that of "the Customary Lands which wod descend upon my Sister Simpson", 1756 Three admittances of Mrs Elizabeth Simpson (Manor of Penrith, Gaskarth, lord) - parcels in Althwaite, Barco, Hungergill [sic], "two Dwelling Houses a Stable and Two Byers formerly a Dwelling House and Barn with a Garth thereunto belonging", part of a croft, parcels on Weding (6 roods), Brigbank ( acre), under Hungerhill ( acre), Wedrig-giles [-gills] (1 acre) lately William Harrison's, 1757 Five dimissions to her - as before, 1759 Gift by Thomas and Elizabeth Simpson to Hugh their son, for their natural love for him - house, barn, stable, garth, half the croft, and 9 closes (named; mixed acres/roods, as unit), all her late brother's, and customary or tenantright of Gaskarth's Manor of Penrith, total rent 1. 1s. 5d.; with all .. common of pasture and turbary (but no mention of tofts or garths), 1762 Admittance of Hugh Simpson to same, 1762 Conveyance of it back to his parents, 1762 Describes it as house, byre, stable, hayloft, garth, 3 roods of the croft, and the named lands, Mutual agreement of the three sisters and their husbands, to end all disputes, and to bring about the division of their late brother's estate; reciting his Will, and family matters, lawsuits, disputes since, 1764 In this deed they agree to divide the estate as follows: I To Thomas and Elizabeth Simpson: Property: Carleton Hall capital mansion-house, buildings, gardens Property: The Manor or reputed Manor of Carleton, with its Demesnes, rents, etc. Tenant: Lands: John Hodgson Isaac Rittson Property: House, garth, and garden at Carleton, called Sanderson's house Tenant: Thomas Robson Property: House at Carleton called Brougham's house, with garden, plantation, stable, and "Barnstead lately a Dog Kennel", also garth or garden, also site of a kiln in Carleton Bank, late George Harrison's Water corn mill, snuff mill, and fulling mill at Carleton Property: Two parcels in "a field called Kempley" Tenant: Walter Buchanan Property: Two closes at Carleton called Charley Croft and Idle Close Tenant: John Raincock Esq., party to this present deed. Property: Parcel in a field called Clowers [in Penrith] Tenant: John Mounsey Property: Field called Bridge Bank Tenant: Isaac Sutton Property: Close called Stony Stead Rigg Tenant: Isaac Rittson Property: Close called Wetherick Gill Tenant: Richard Chappelhow Property: Close in Wetherick field Tenant: Robert Jackson Property: Close called Six Roods late Curwen's, in a common field called Thulbar Tenant: Joseph Bleamire Property: Close [sic] in Todhunter's Close Tenant: Richard Chappelhow Property: Two closes in Oughtons (a field) and barnstead thereon Tenant: (blank) Hullock Property: House at Penrith Townend with its garden, barn, byre and stable Tenant: (Thomas Simpson himself) Property: House adjoining it Tenant: Mary Harrison Property: Parcel in Little Kempley field, and parcel in the field called Corry Flatt Tenant: George Anderson Property: Close called Southwaite Close Tenant: Margaret Ricarby Property: Several parcels at Skirsgill intermixed with Mr William Whelpdale's Property: Two adjoining parcels in the field called Todhunter's Close, at Carleton Tenant: Henry Nanson Property: Parcel in Thulbar common field Tenant: Thomas Robson Property: Parcel in Lineriggs common field Tenant: Thomas Burn Property: Parcel in John Richardson Esq's close Boast Lozes [sic] Property: Close called Hungerhill Lane Tenant: John Scollough Property: Parcel in Hungerhill field Tenant: John Scollough Property: Pews 51, 135, 143 in Penrith Church Property: Tithes of Westnewton (p. Bromfield) and the Westnewton Tithe Barn or Barnstead Tenant: Jacob Atkinson Property: Tithes of Little Strickland (leased from the Dean & Chapter) Tenant: Peter Hodgson "and others" Property: *Capital mansion-house at Bolton (Cumberland) called Bolton Hall, with its Demesne and lands, also the lands called King Closes and the water corn mill there *(All this Bolton estate is leased from Lord Egremont) Property: A small freehold house and byre at Bolton (Cumberland) Tenant: House: Joseph Stamper Tenant: Byre: Joseph Thompson Rents payable for the above estate: To: Duke of Portland For: Lands at Carleton hall Rent: 1. 0s. 0d. To: Duke of Portland For: Charley Croft (Carleton) Rent: 1s. 9d. To: Duke of Portland For: Clowers (Penrith) Rent: 1s. 1d. To: Lord Burlington's heirs For: Not stated Rent: 2s. 0d. To: Sir Philip Musgrave For: Not stated Rent: 1s. 2d. To: Rector of Penrith For: Prescription for Tithe Hay Rent: 12s. 0d. To: Vicar of Penrith For: Gardens and Easter dues of Carleton Hall Rent: 5s. 0d. To: Vicar of Penrith For: The garden at Townend Rent: 3d. Purvey Rate for the foregoing estate, 1s. 6d. II. To John and Dorothy Raincock, the following third of the late Christopher Pattenson's estate: Property: Capital mansion house and farm called Frenchfield Tenant: Daniel Dawson Property: Close called Barco Close Tenant: (John Raincock Esq. himself) Property: Close called Brougham Croft Tenant: Isaac Rittson Property: Four parcels in Ingmire common field Tenant: Thomas Shepherd Property: "Several parcels" at The Roods in Carleton Tenant: "Henry Nanson or Daniel Dawson" Property: Parcel in Redfryers common field Tenant: Joseph Bleamire Property: Parcel in Thulbar common field Tenant: Isaac Gash Property: Parcel in Ingmire common field Tenant: George Clark Property: Burgage Barn in [St Helen's], Cockermouth Tenant: John Bell Property: Capital mansion house called Kelsick Hall, with its Demesne and other lands, and Dundraw Acre ("extending as far as the High Road"), and Kelsick's tithes Tenant: Thomas Henderson Property: Tithes of Dundraw and Moor Row, and the tithe barn there and land adjoining Tenant: "Thomas Ismay and Partners" Property: Tithes of Allonby, with the tithe barn there Tenant: Robert Twentyman Property: Pews 64 and 85 in Penrith Church Rents payable by the Raincocks for the above third:- To: Duke of Portland For: Frenchfield Estate Sum: 10s. 0d. To: Duke of Portland For: Brougham Croft Sum: 2s. 0d. To: Duke of Portland For: Barco Close Sum: 1s. 0d. To: Lord Burlington's heirs For: Frenchfield Estate Sum: 3s. 8d. To: Sir Philip Musgrave For: Lands at Frenchfield Sum: 4s. 1d. To: Sir Philip Musgrave For: Brougham Croft Sum: 6d. To: Thomas Simpson Esq. For: Lands at Frenchfield Sum: 12s. 0d. To: Rector of Penrith For: Tithe Hay prescription Sum: 11s. 0d. To: Rector of Penrith For: "for Wards Frenchfield" [i.e. that part "late Thomas Ward's"] Sum: 5s. 0d. To: Rector of Penrith For: "for the Roods in Ingmire" Sum: 3d. To: Purvey Rate for the Raincocks' third of the estate, 10d. III. To Mary Aderton, widow: Property: All the late Christopher's freehold and customary estate at Culgaith, and certain free rents there [not further described] Tenant: Thomas Dalton, John Parker, Joseph Oglethorpe, Joseph Richardson, John Oglethorpe, and Mr Bowerbank Property: Leasehold house and land at Temple Sowerby, formerly Lough's, and "Sheep Heaf" on Knock Fell Tenant: John Fawell Property: Farm at Temple Sowerby called Cailbanks Closes Tenant: John Stables Property: Leasehold close called Redbank Tenant: Thomas Fawell Property: Two parcels in "Long Acres otherwise Long Half Acres", and one parcel in Asper Acres Tenant: Richard Fawell Property: The Manor of Reputed Manor of Blencarn, with its capital mansion house called Low Hall, and its Demesne and freehold lands, and the water corn mill and kiln there, also the cust. houses and lands at Blencarn that Elizabeth Simpson inherited from her late brother. Tenant: Jonathan Holme Property: Close in Penrith parish called Corry Flatt Tenant: Thomas Simpson himself. Property: Four parcels in Bridge Field, one of them called Preston's Acre, the rest unnamed Property: Pew 61 in Penrith Church Property: Purvey Rate, d. General clauses mutually agreed:- That the Simpsons will not require the others to travel beyond Cumberland and Westmorland for law purposes in this matter; That, as the Simpsons' share is worth more than the other two, the said Thomas and Elizabeth Simpson shall pay the other two parties 149. 3s. 9d. each. as equaliser; That all parties shall hand over the respective relevant deeds promptly; That Thomas Simpson continue to be paid the 33 p.a. for the Blencarn lands as ordered by Chancery Order that appointed Mr Christopher Dobson as Receiver for this Estate, the estate meeting Mr Dobson's fees; That the question of what sums Mr Dobson shall pay the said Thomas as rents, shall go to arbitration; That Joseph Nicholson of Hawkesdale Esq. shall be the arbiter; that the parties shall hand him all necessary papers; and that his award shall be final; That "the young forest Trees that are now in the Nurseries at Carleton Hall and not planted for good shall stand til the next Season for transplanting and shall then be equally divided amongst the said Parties by John Watson of Penrith joiner", and that thereupon the other parties may remove them at any time up to 2 February next; That the locks, keys, and bolts of the doors at Carleton Hall are Mrs Elizabeth Simpson's own property; but the rest of the late Christopher's effects therein shall be divided into three parts by James Hesket, John Watson joiner, and Joseph Simpson gent., all of Penrith, and the three parties shall then cast lots for them; That the money now with the Treasurer of the Eamont Bridge to Carlisle Turnpike, for payment for the ground taken from the said Estate for the road and its hedges, shall be given "to the Expences in building the Chapel at Culgaith"; That all the parties shall jointly pay the 40s. 0d. annuity to Mary the wife of Mr William Holme [left her in the late Christopher's Will]; That all arrears and debts of the deceased's estate be listed, and that Peter Brougham of Penrith gent. shall then begin sueing for their recovery; and that the proceeds recovered shall be shared out equally; That all lawsuits and arguments shall cease forthwith; And that the only payment hereafter shall be one rent of 12s. 0d. to the said Elizabeth Simpson "out of the Frenchfield Division". Covenant by the said parties to levy fine - same estate, 1764 Contemporary copy of the resulting fine (plaintiffs for the purpose, named in the preceding Covenant, were William Tatham of Askham, W'd., Esq., William Sisson of Penrith mercer, and Joseph Simpson of Penrith grocer) - 20 houses and outbuildings, 4 mills, 2 kilns, 20 gardens, 500 acres, 4. 17s. 11d. rents, and tithes, in the parishes of the estate, 1764 Two indentures of fine (Hugh Simpson gent., plaintiff; his parents, possessors) - 3 houses and 30 acres, in Addingham and Skelton; also one-third of the following: the Manor of Carleton, 10 houses, 2 water corn mills, 1 fulling mill, 200 acres, 3 rents, all In Penrith, Kirkland and Bromfield parishes; and 1/3 of the corn and hay Tithes of [West] Newton, Allonby, Kelsick, and Dundraw, 1789

1742/3 - 1789


DFCF 3/141


Bargain and Sale of a parcel of land in the croft adjoining the Quaker Meeting House

Relating to a peice of land in a field known as The Croft, adjoining the north wall of the yard belonging to the meeting house

Parties include:

Joseph Matthews of Wigton, gentleman, Mary, his wife and Joseph Ismay of Wigton

Consideration: 30

Feb 1736


DFCF 3/142


Bargain and Sale of a parcel of land in the croft adjoining the Quaker Meeting House

Relating to a peice of land in a field known as The Croft, adjoining the north wall of the yard belonging to the meeting house

Parties include:

Joseph Ismay of Wigton, yeoman and the Trustees of Wigton Meeting House

Consideration: 30

Mar 1736


DFCF 3/143


Bargain and Sale of a parcel of land in the croft adjoining the Quaker Meeting House

Relating to a peice of land in a field known as The Croft, adjoining the north wall of the yard belonging to the meeting house

Parties include:

Joseph Ismay of Wigton, yeoman; Thomas Wetherale of Wigton and others

Consideration: 30

Feb 1761


DFCF 3/144


Final Agreement relating to land and property in Fingland, in the parishes of Bowness and Wigton

Parties include:

William Carr; Joseph Ismay; John Barnes and Martha, his wife; Joseph Matthews and Mary, his wife

Jun 1764




Admittance. Aug., 15 Jas. I

Manor of Westward, Henry Earl of Northumberland lord. Richard Ismay, to a tenement at Sandwath, a room (chamera), two barns, and a close of 10 acres, rent 3s. 3d. Also a house, barn, and piece of newly enclosed ground at Sandwath formerly in the tenure of Robert Thompson, rent 8d. All formerly in the tenure of John Ismay alias Robinson deceased, father of Richard. Gressum 46s. 8d.; Signatures of Wilfrid Lawson and Thomas Fotherley.





Readmittance. Sept., 9 Chas. I

Manor of Westward, Algernon Earl of Northumberland, lord upon the death of Henry Earl of Northumberland. Richard Ismay, to a tenement and improvement at Westward. Rent 3s. 11d., fine 4. 16s. 8d.; Signatures of Hugh Potter steward, William Musgrave, William Pennington, W. Stockdale.





Readmittance. Aug. 1669

Manor of Westward, Jocelyn Earl of Northumberland, lord upon the death of Algernon Earl of Northumberland. John Ismay, senior, to a tenement in Westward.; Rent 3s. 3d., fine 4.





Admittance. 13 Apr. 1680

Manor of Westward, Henry Percy Earl of Oglo and Elizabeth his wife, lord and lady.; John Ismay junior, to a tenement in Westward upon the surrender of John Ismay senior. Rent 2s.6d. (apportionment of 3s. 3d.), fine 60s.





Readmittance. 28 June 1688

Manor of Westward, Charles Duke of Somerset and Elizabeth his wife, lord and lady upon the death of Jocelyn Earl of Northumberland.; John Ismay, to a tenement in Westward. Rent 3s. 3d., apportioned to 2s. 7d., fine 4. 6s. 8d.; Marked: xd. L.D.'89 to Rich. Arlosh, xd.L.D. '91 to Jo.Scott, xd.L.D. 1707 to John Porter.





Admittance. 29 Apr. 1707

Manor of Westward, Charles Duke of Somerset and Elizabeth his wife, lord and lady.; John Porter, to a parcel of a tenement in Westward on the surrender of John Ismay. Rent 10d., fine 35s.






John Ismay of Corikle, Whitehaven, yeoman.; John Porter of Woodside, Westward, yeoman.; Premises: all actions and claims against him.; Witnesses: George Atkinson, Robert Loveing, John Ismay (X), Thomas Ismay (X), William Horsley junior.

8 Mar. 1708




Bargain and sale.

Robert Ismay and Jane his wife of Thursby yeoman.; John Porter of East Woodside, Westward, yeoman.; Premises: 2 acres of meadow land in the townfields of Thursby. Bounds: River Wampool (north), Shook (south), John Tiffin's meadow (west), lands of John Richardson and Robert Twentiman (east). Also a close of 3 acres called Eastfield, Thursby. Bounds: Bonddale (east), William Scott's land (west), John Twentiman's land (south), King's Street (north).; Consideration: 92.; Witnesses: George Williamson, William Scott (x), William Porter (x), Christopher Henderson.

1 Feb 1718




Probate copy will of John Simpson of Spittle, Wigton, gentleman. Bequest to Wife Jane, Joseph Ismay of Moorthwaite, and Richard Matthew of Wigtonhall, of his manor of Dockwray and other lands on trust to sell to pay debts

Sundry other bequests.; Dated: 12 Sep. 1768.; Proved at Carlisle.





Mortgage by Lease and release to secure 300. 7 & 8 Oct. 1773

Jane Simpson of Spittle widow and Joseph Ismay of Moorthwaite gentleman.; Mally Furnass of Wigton bookseller.; Premises: Manor of Dockwray, and an estated called Spittle in Wigton.; Witnesses: I. Ismay, Isaac Lightfoot.





Examinations and papers relating to Rex v George Ismay, butcher of Carlisle re: theft of keslops (calf stomachs) belonging to George Cartmell, shoemaker of Queen Street, Whitehaven






Briefs, case, bills of costs and papers relating to George Gill Mounsey v Robert Ismay, a representative of the freemen of Carlisle re: Ismay's removal of a fence erected by Mounsey across Kingmoor race course which prevented the holding of the Easter race meeting 1862; including: `The Newcastle Chronicle' (newspaper), Vol 1 no 1, 1764; counsel's opinion on the rights of the citizens of Carlisle on Kingmoor, 1782; abstract of conveyance by which Mounsey acquired Kingmoor, 1845


1862 - 1865, undated




Ismay's Estate, High Ireby:deeds and letters, c. 1825-1897; Moot Hall, Low Ireby, schedule (1760-1848), 1848

Main Estate (messuage, tenement, and lands called Chapel, Mellgates or Millgates, Crackley and Cochrane. all customary of High Ireby Manor): abstract of title, c. 1825, covers 1777-1825 (Sir L W Fletcher, Bart. - Hind-Wilson-Barnes-Ismay); alludes to bankruptcy of John Hind of Clea Hall p Westward, then of Ruthwaite, yeoman, 1819; abstract of title, 1866, covers 1842-66 (Murray-Grainger); abstract of title, 1897, covers 1838-97 (Craghill-Herriston, widow-Bowden-Boustead).. Moot Hall, Ireby: this schedule (sole item) covers 1760-1848, and relates to:. 1) Moot Hall, Ireby, customary tenement, (Slack-Whinfield-Goodman-Marshall-Herbert-Sherwen, clerk-Lowes-Grainger), 1760- 1844. 2) Ruthwaite tithes (Marshall-Grainger), 1843. 3) Seven Acres Dale (Murray-Heysham-Grainger), 1842-46. 4) Parsonage House [Ireby] (Wilson-Atkinson-Clarke, clerk-Grainger), 1819-46.. 5) Intack Meadow (Turner and Jennings - Grainger), 1847.. 6) Scawthwaite Mire (Gardner and others-Hayton-Grainger), 1842-48.. 7) Portland Meadow and Portland Waste (John Peel [the huntsman] - Grainger), 1845.

Circa 1825-1897




Turner's Estate, High Ireby and Ruthwaite, sold to Henry Grainger in 1854

1) Unnamed freehold messuage and tenement and Chapel Close, Cochranes, Charcastle-head; also Park Meadow (customary of the Manor of Papcastle, situate at High Ireby) (Wilson-Chambers-Barnes-Ismay-Young-Turner-Grainger), 1819-1866.. 2) Unexpired 21 year lease of tithes of High Side, Ireby (Halton-Turner), 1825.. 3) Messuage and lands called Leas Close, the Dale and adjoining Town Fields, Haythwaite Meadow otherwise Stubb Ings, High Ireby Park, White Croft, and Bank Land, also Benson High Field, all customary of Papcastle and Ireby manors, situate at High Ireby and Ruthwaite (Walker-Smithson, 1834; Cannon-Turner, 1837), 1834-37.. 4) Freehold plot (220 square yards) adjoining the orchard of Henry Grainger (Turner-Granger), 1850.. The 1854 conveyance includes a plan of the estate (field-names). The 1866 abstract of title covers 1786-1850.





Letters of attorney (each to the Revd. John Waite and other) relating to Bassenthwaite

Issued by: John Turner, of St James p., Westminster, gent., eldest son of the late John Turner of "Scareness" [Scarness] p. Bassenthwaite, yeo. Attorney, purpose: The Revd. John Waite of Bromfield, and Jonathan Potts of Brayton, gent. - to surrender the premises Reciting; premises: Reciting his father's mortgage to Joseph Wilson of Micklethwaite p. Thursby yeo., 1773, of his freehold closes called Rothmire otherwise Rowmire at Scarness, and his Allotment (Bassenthwaite Inclosure); and his father's mortgage 1773, to the said J.W., of his cust. m. and t. at Scarness rent 6s. 11d., and a parcel of tenement of rent 1s.6d., also a 2nd cust. m. and t. (rent 6s. 11d.) and parcel of tenement (rent 8d.) there; and that his father died on 3 Sept. 1776; and further charge that day; and present transfer of mortgage to John Slacke of St James p., Westminster Date: 1778 Issued by: William Lockwood of Easingwold, Yorks, gent. Attorney, purpose: The Revd. John Waite of Bromfield, and Jonathan Potts of Brayton, gent.,to surrender Reciting; premises: No recital; premises comprise tenantright house and land at Barkbeth (rent 8s. 11d), now sold to John Ismay of Waverton, yeo. Date: 1779 Issued by: John Kirby late of Bass. Halls, now of Newlands p. Crosthwaite, yeo., and John Birkett of Portinscale, gent. Attorney, purpose: The Revd. John Waite of Brayton, and Joseph Johnson of Aspatria, yeo., to surrender Reciting; premises: No recital; premises comprise cust. m. and t. at Bass. in Sir Gilfrid's moiety of the Manor, rent 1. 2s. 10d., to the use of John Hodgson Date: 1782





WOODSIDE; No title

One detail updated 1933 No surveyor 53 39 25.344 inches to 1 mile. Shows land north of Woodside Mill, traversed by the railway; coloured blue ("Customary under Sir W Lawson in 1795"), brown ("Barony of Burgh, Enfranchised between 1696-1713. Rent reserved 24s. 0d."), yellow ("Enclosed Common"), lake [pale red] ("Barony of Wigton. Enfranchised to Isaac Jefferson, Woodside, 30th Dec. 1778"); this last also has "In Messrs. Saul's Plan Purple". Also noted are No. 459 pt. ("Barony of Wigton part of premises enfranchised to Joseph Ismay of Moorthwaite 3 Dec. 1778"), and No. 45 pt. ("Manor of Westward. Part of premises enfranchised to John Jefferson of Waverton 25 Aug. 1815"). Also shown are road, river, sluice (field 453), field track (field 447) and road (numbered 448) to Woodside Mill road, and two farms along this road. Field 449 has a pecked line across it marked "Defaced".

Early 20th cent




Bundle mainly comprising farm leases, conditions, and letting agreements, in the Cumberland and Co. Durham estates, and also including copy Private Inclosure Agreement for Distington Church Field 1765 and copy Arbitration Award defining boundary and rights in Leco, a tract in Blindcrake (1777)

As follows: 1 Lease for 99 years or till death of lessee (Sir James Lowther of Whitehaven, Bt., to Gilfrid Lawson Esq.) - Corn and grain tithes of Hensingham Low Hall Demesne, in return for half the meadow called Leonard Ruding (about 3 days' work), and parcel 120 yds. by 12 yds. at west end of the field called Cow Park, as now "Mark'd or Dowal'd Out", at Mirehouse (part of Hensingham Low Hall Demesne), and power to make a road through to Sir James's collieries at Scalegill and Linethwaite ([surface:] Mr Thomas Patrickson) or elsewhere, but not to sink shafts as such there, or otherwise mine there; and with power to use the several springs (including "Calf Park Well" and "Braccon Hill" spring), but leaving enough for the Hensingham Low Hall farmer's use; and to convey the said springs' water by gutter or otherwise (route stated; field names) "to and for the Use of the Water Gin" now in use by Sir James "for Drying his .. Coals .. at Scalegill or Linethwaite", but not to alter the water's course afterwards; rent, 2. 10s. 0d.; Sir James to hedge, rail, and gate the said lands; easement for Gilfrid over Wain Rigg and Lady Pow (lands there); 1736 2 Bargain and sale for 150 (Henry Thompson of Brayton gent. and John Grainger of Bromfield gent. and Sarah his wife, to Wilfrid Lawson of Brayton gent. the eldest son of Alfrid Lawson of Newcastle upon Tyne, Collector of the Customs) - customary house and its land at Brayton (Manor of Brayton), rent 7s.6d., with "all .. Tofts Crofts ..", "to hold .. for ever according to the Custom of Tenant-right" in that Manor, 1736 3 Declaration of trust (Wilfrid Esq. of Brayton, to Dorothy the wife of Samuel Morris of Brough under Stanemore (Westmorland) gent.) - reciting the preliminaries (1732) leading to the marriage settlement of Fretcheville Dykes of "Wartholl Hall" Esq., Dorothy's father, and Dorothy's finances since; and that on 16 March 1738 she mortgaged a house and its land "called Melaw" (Mealo) p. Aspatria to Joseph Danson of Allerby yeo. for 300 - that this was done through Wilfrid Lawson in trust for her; term, 3 years; 1738 4 Lease (lacks release) by Sir Wilfrid to [his lawyer] Lough Carleton of Monument Yard, City of London, gent. - his estate in Hesket (New Market), Hensingham, Loweswater, Distington, and at Morton Head p. Carlisle St Mary, 1754 5 Customary bargain and sale for 539 (Peter Pearson of Workington, Customs Officer, and Jane his wife, to Jonathan Bank of Hill p. Loweswater, blacksmith) - house and its land at Hill in Loweswater (Manor of Loweswater), being two parcels, the one of apportioned rent 6s.10d., the other of rent 1s.9d., plus 3d. in lieu of the great tithes; "together with all .. estate, Tenantright, .."; 1761 6 Bargain and sale for 5s.0d. and for rent of 12s.0d. a year (Sir Gilfrid to Jacob Nicholson of "Heskett" (New Market), carpenter, with George Twentyman of Brayton, 3rd party) - freehold parcel "at Heskett fronting the Market place" between Timothy Twentyman's house on west and Sir Gilfrid's stable and barn on west; measuring 9 yards frontage and 12 yards depth; provision for its future development, i.e. where the timber joists shall be laid during, 1763 7 Copy of Private Inclosure Agreement by the 15 Owners of Distington Church Field (unnamed at head, but sign it; Sir Gilfrid was one of them) - new fields, roads, gates, bars, stiles, rails; concerning "Limestone ground", and "the old Ring Hedges"; "The Commissioners shall have Power to give Quantity of Land for Quality the better to adjust the Same"; arbitrators named, to settle any disputes; the Inclosure to be completed by 1 May 1766; 1765 8 Copy of Arbitration Award to settle the current disputes of lord and tenants of Leco, a piece of land at Blindcrake, and to define its bounds and each side's rights there - reciting that the lord is Fretcheville Dykes of Warthole Esq., presently suing two of his tenants Joseph Carter and Thomas Williamson, both of Blindcrake over right of turbary there - states the bounds of Leco, having first walked them; provides for future inclosure by FD Esq.; directs each side to pay own costs in the lawsuit so far, and half the costs of this arbitration, 1777 Bounds include "a little Green Path .." Arbitrators here were James Craik of Flimby Esq., John Nicolson of Carlisle Esq., and John Monkhouse the younger of Cockermouth gent. 9 List of persons paying Allhallows hay tithe prescription (name of person or farm, sum paid), 1777 10 Letter from "Bk.* Shorter" to the Rev. Mr Waite, Brayton - replying to yours of 24th arrived 28th, as to Lawson origins in Co. Durham: has searched, but largely in vain; and as to Sarah Lawson, now Cockburn, born at Deal (Kent), married William Cockburn of Newcastle upon Tyne c. 1750 "at Gretna Green, in the Neighbourhood of Brayton", and family reluctance to talk about it Washington, Postmarked "Durham" 1791 *B[rac]k 11 Schedules of Sir Wilfrid's estates in Aspatria and Isel parishes "for which a Land Tax certificate is required" - gives field names, tenants, what buildings if any, acreage, Land Tax, for each farm listed; two items, watermark 1796 Farm leases, each for 11 years, minerals and timber excepted 1801 12 Premises: Linskel field and East Park, Bassenthwaite, occ. John Fisher and Daniel Wilkinson Lessee: John Pert of North Row and Thomas Pert of High Close, both in Bassenthwaite, yeomen. Rent: 164 Clauses: H, R "Potatoes and turnips [are] considered fallow crops". Sir Wilfrid to pay lessees 25 if they be "obliged to make a new Road through Linskel Field" 13 Premises: Tenement in Blindcrake Lessee: Joseph Harrison of Blindcrake, yeo. Rent: 20 14 Premises: Isel Mill, Middle Park, and Frostrams (occ. the said William Todd) and Thick Hill, Lanwood (both occ. George Stagg) and Old Orchard (occ. John Fisher) Lessee: William Todd of Isel Mill, miller Rent: 84 Clauses: (including the Mill) (water corn mill) 15 Premises: Westray's Tenement and Greenup's Field p. Isel Lessee: John Clemetson of Sunderland p. Isel, yeo. Rent: 38 Clauses: (The quicks not referred to here as "young") 16 Premises: Howgills, Harrison's, Wilson's, and Borranskaile's Tenements at Old Park, p. Isel, occ. William Bowe Lessee: Robert Bushby of Seaton p. Camerton, yeo. Rent: 96 17 Premises: Long Close, Prior Field, Bainbridge, Nut Hill, p. Isel, occ. Jos. Westray Lessee: Joseph Robinson of "Widdiker Hall" [Weddicar Hall], yeo. Rent: 225 18 Premises: Oughterside Demesne (renewal of lease) Lessee: Thos. Jackson of Warthole p. Plumbland, yeo. Rent: 100 19 Premises: Plumbland Mill Tenement and Aspatria East Mill (renewal of lease) Lessee: Thomas Hayton of Aspatria East Mill, miller Rent: 49 Clauses: (mill and kiln) 20 Premises: House and land called Washington and Washington Moor, p. Washington (Co. Durham), except the Mill Field and part of "that tract called Boggs" (already let to George Wardle) Lessee: John Brack of Washington (Co. Durham), yeo. Rent: 180 Clauses: Field names. A 4-year rotation specified ("in four Aethers or portions") Lease annulled if lessee die within the term. 21 Bargain and sale (stamped but not completed) for blank sum (Thomas Bewley of (blank) yeo. to Sir Wilfrid; John Norman, steward, 3rd party) - parcel of freehold woodland (1a. 1r. 20p.) called Hillbeck in Bassenthwaite 1802 Farm leases for 7 years each, with detailed husbandry and repairing clauses, and reserving minerals, timber, sport:- 22 Premises: Blackamoor, a tithe-free house and land (field names) at Baggrow, occ. Wm. Grave Lessee, Date: William and Henry Twentyman of Aspatria and Wigton respectively, yeomen, 1804 Rent: 80 Special Clauses: Power to lessor to inclose any part subsequently for plantations 23 Premises: House and 8 closes (named, including Brickkiln Field) at Brayton Lessee, Date: Samuel Hannah of Highwood Nook p. Torpenhow, and John Ismay of Ireby, yeomen; Lady Ann Lawson of Brayton, lessor, 1807 Rent: 160 Special Clauses: Lessees to repair the road from Cockgate Lodge up to Brayton; and to let Lady Ann have 4 acres of wheat (now sown) rent-free 24 Premises: S, N, W Broats and Pond Meadow (4 closes) at Brayton Lessee, Date: Thomas Jackson of Maryport and Wm. Beeby of Crookhurst (Cumberland) yeoman; Lady Lawson, lessor, 1807 Rent: 110 Special Clauses: Lessor reserves right to extract sand and gravel there 25 Manor steward's account of fees received for admittances etc. (Mounsey, steward; tenants' names and manors), 1807 26 Receipted voucher for cutlery supplied from London to Mrs Lawson, 1810; and receipt for rent paid by Thomas Lawson Esq. for his chambers in 13 Paper Buildings, (Temple), 1810, 1810 Letting conditions and/or agreements as follows:- 27 Premises: Thos. Lawson Esq's estate at Blindcrake Far Close Lessee (occupations not stated): Wilfrid Barnes of Blindcrake Document, Term, Rent: 12 years 1 per acre Date: 1810 28 Premises: Oughterside West Demesne, occ. Wilfrid Holliday Lessee (occupations not stated): Thos. Jackson of Mealo House, p. Aspatria Document, Term, Rent: 4 years 130 Date: 1816 29 Premises: Farm at Sunderland p. Isel (fields named) Lessee (occupations not stated): Fisher Wilkinson of Redmain Document, Term, Rent: 10 years 68 if Mr Lawson agrees (void, if not). Endorsed "Abated to 63 pounds" Clauses: No sub-letting Date: 1819 30 Premises: Isel Mill and its farm Lessee (occupations not stated): William Penny of Brigham Mill p. Brigham Document, Term, Rent: 10 years 150 Date: 1819 31 Premises: Isel Hall Farm Lessee (occupations not stated): John Relph of Isel Hall Document, Term, Rent: 10 years 470 Clauses: Sport. Lessee to report any hedge-gaps round Mr L's plantations, and any poachers, or forfeit his lease Date: 1820 32 Premises: Broadmoor, Brickkiln Field, and East Field, being 3 fields Lessee (occupations not stated): Mr John Hodgson jnr. of Blennerhasset Document, Term, Rent: 1 year 105 Clauses: Lessor to maintain 2 of the hedges Date: 1820 33 Premises: Strother House Farm, Co. Durham Lessee (occupations not stated): Mr Robert Smith there Document, Term, Rent: 9 years 220 Date: 1820 34 Premises: Oxclose Farm, Ox Green, and part of Washington Hall Farm, Co. Durham; and all Messrs. Carr & Co.'s farms and cottages there if the Colliery be not working (lease annulled if the Colliery revives) Lessee (occupations not stated): Mr William Stobart of "Pealow House" [Pelaw], Co. Durham Document, Term, Rent: 9 years 550 Clauses: Lessee to have 12 months' notice of ending of lease should the Colliery revive Date: 1820 35 Premises: Oughterside Farm; also extra 6 acres from Oughterside West Demesne (postscript, 1821) Lessee (occupations not stated): Robert Langcake of Oughterside Document, Term, Rent: 9 years 300 Clauses: Sport Horses and cattle numbers not to be run down in final year Date: 1821 36 Premises: Farm at Sunderland p. Isel Lessee (occupations not stated): John Clemitson there (renewal) Document, Term, Rent: 11 years 170 Clauses: Sport Horses and cattle clause (as in Oughterside 1821). Lessees to repair roads at Oxpasture and near Isel Vicarage Date: 1823 37 Premises: Milstone Moor Farm Lessee (occupations not stated): Isaac Sibson there (renewal) Document, Term, Rent: 4 years 320 Clauses: Sport Date: 1823 38 Premises: Late Tom Reed's estate at Baggrow, now occ. Mrs Ann Clarkson, widow: house, 2 closes called N & S Crofts, "1 Cowhouse covered with tiles", poultry-house, pig-sty Lessee (occupations not stated): John Todd of Burnshill p. Sebergham, and the said Ann Clarkson Document, Term, Rent: Annual tenancy 20 Date: 1823 39 Premises: Strother House, Co. Durham Lessee (occupations not stated): Robert Smith (son of the previous lessee) there Document, Term, Rent: 1) Acknowledgement of renewal; 2) Agreement signed at Keswick (two documents) 1 year 220 Recites terms of agreement sent to Mr Stobart, Pelaw House, the month before; and what Mr Norman the Agent said on his last visit to Strother House Date: 1825 40 Premises: Townfield Close (parish not stated) (p. Aspatria, see Item D/LAW/3/22 below) Lessee (occupations not stated): Joseph Donald of Hayton Document, Term, Rent: A 1 year 55 Clauses: Lessee may cut drains there Date: 1825 41 Contemporary copy of 1836 lease of wayleave for 99 years for road or waggonway for colliery or other purpose (Sir Wilfrid to JF Harrison of London and two others) through Coxgreen Farm and Washington Mill Fields, Co. Durham; the said road to be 14 yards wide at most; lessees to fence it, and to lift any railway track within a year of end of lease; rent 63. 17s. 2d. p.a., c. 1836 42 Two letters re the 1836 wayleave and re insanitary cottages there (1889, 1893); one letter re the effect of Sir Wilfrid's road from Washington Colliery and Ox Close Colliery on the York and Newcastle Railway, 1849; and one tracing of plan, section, and schedule of land in Washington and Little Usworth to be bought for the Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway n.d. (c.1850), 1849 - 93

1736 - 1893


DSO 45


Maryport Nursing Association

Minute books



DX 93/31


Will of Magdalen Relph of Wigton

Office copy of will of Magdalen Relph of Wigton, widow of John Relph, gent

recites: indentures 21 February 1785, 7 & 8 December 1786, Sebraham Hall and copyhold closes,

to her elder son Thomas Relph, lands and tenements in Wigton and Sebraham for life in tail male with trusts to preserve contingent remainders and charged with 2,500 for younger sons and daughters at 21 years.

Witnesses: Jane Simpson, Frances Ismay, Mattw. Hodgson, 14 November 1794, proved at London 26 July 1804.



DX 143/1


Deeds of the Low Mill estate in Church Crofts, Town Foot, Alston (water corn mill)

NOTE: As the above was part of the ancient house and land called the Raise Tenement (rent 14s 10d) which was included in the Alston moor lease by Henry Hylton (as lord of the manor) to Thomas Teasdale for 1000 years on 31 Aug 1611 (the terms beginning, however, from 9 Sep 1621), the deeds in this bundle are technically assignments of residue of lease, but in effect are conveyances by bargain and sale, and are listed as "Conveyance".

CONVEYANCE FOR 5s 0d: (William Lee of Alston, gent, to Thomas Lee his son of Alston, gent) - half share of parcel of land 10 yards broad on each side of the Mill Burn, on west and east sides of the field called Kirkcroft, adjoining the public road, in Alston, part of the ancient Raisie Tenement; apportioned rent 2d a year, plus and twenty-penny fine every 21 years during the term of the lease; licence for road down the field called the Tenter Bit, 5 Feb 1761.

CONVEYANCE FOR 10: (Thomas Lee of Alston, gent, to Robert Hodgson of Alston, gent) - the same, with licence for road down the Tenter Bit; apportioned rent, 1d [sic] a year, plus 20-penny fine every 21 years, 6 March 1761.

CONVEYANCE FOR 2 16s 0d: (William Lee of Alston gent to Robert Hodgson of Alston, innholder) - parcel of land 7 yeds 2 ft by 7 yds 1 ft in the Church Crofts at Alston Town Foot, next to the corn mill, with liberty to build on it, 1766.

CONVEYANCE FOR 250: (William Lee of Alsdton, gent, to John Spencer of Alston, shopkeeper; with Robert Hodgson of Alston, gent, and Mary Lee of Alston, widow and administratrix of Thomas Lee late of Herbert Law p Alston yeoman her husband deceased, as second party) - "the field or fields" known as Church Croft(s), on south and south-west of the Parson's Piece (other abuttals given), with the house lately built on part of it; the said ground conveyed here being part of the ancient Raise Tenement, and of apportioned ancient rent 1s 5d, plus twelve separate ground-rents of 1d a year each for the twelve houses now erected on part of the Kirk CVrofts, each of them also paying a 20-penny fine every 21 years during the lease, May 1773.

CONVEYANCE FOR 253: (the above Mary Lee, to William Walton of Herbert Law p Alston, yeoman; describes her late husband Thomas as "miner") - her half of the water corn mill at "Church Croft otherwise Kirkcroft", with half the Mill Burn (as millrace) and mill-dam; states that Robert Hodgson owns the other half; rent blank; armorial seal and mark of Mary lee, Sep 1773.

CONVEYANCE FOR 300: (William Walton of High Herbert Law, yeoman, to Thomas his son of Gateshead, Co Durham, yeoman) - same; rent not stated, 1782.

CCONVEYANCE FOR 190: (Thomas Walton of Newcastle upon Tyne, merchant, to John Walton of Alston, miller) - same; Robert Hodgson still owns the other half, 1788.

CONVEYANCE FOR 160: (John Walton, as above, to Robert Hodgson of Alston, gent) - same; thus Robert gains the whole Mill, 1795.

CONVEYANCE OF GARDEN ON SOUTH SIDE OF THE MILL BURN: on east side of "the Town Street of Alston", for 92 (Robert Friend of Preston, Lancs, merchant, one of the sons of the late John Friend, formerly of Annat Walls and late of Crosslands, both in Alston parish, to James Pearson of Alston, innkeeper), citing conveyance of 20 May 1783 (the above John Spencer to the said John Friend) - the said garden being that of the said John's house, 1812.

COPY OF WILL of the said John Friend, then of Crosslands p Alston, gent - 4estate in the Butts in Alston Town (house, garden, etc); proved at Durham in 1792, copy [c1812].

CONVEYANCE OF THE GARDEN FOR 92 (the said James Pearson to John little of Raise House, Alston, gent), 1813.

CONVEYANCE OF THE MILL FOR 740: (Robert Hodgson of Alston Esq, Executor of Robert Hodgson his late father, of Alston, gent, deceased, to Joseph Hall of Alston, watchmaker) - the water corn mill, the house adjoining, the Mill Burn (as millrace) and dam, 1814.

CONVEYANCE OF SMALL PIECE OF WASTE GROUND ON SOUTH SIDE OF THE MILL BURN: next to the field called Miller's Wife's Brow, for 8 (William Burn of Foul Loning p Alston, gent, sole Executor of Henry Burn of Alston, gent, to Joseph Hall of Alston, corn merchant) - states that the ground was bought "from John Friend of Corbygates and others"; excepts from the conveyance the part on which the mill stands that is now John Bell's, April 1819.

CONVEYANCE OF THE GARDEN: (ex James Pearson's, lately tenanted by Joseph Walton) for 65 (John Little of Raise House, gent, to Joseph Hall of Alston, corn merchant); abuttals; states that the lease's term began on 9 Sep 1621. July 1819.

CONVEYANCE OF THE MILL, AND THE GARDEN AND WASTE PLOT, FOR 1050: (Joseph Hall of Alston, corn merchant, to Esther Vipond of Nest, p Alston, widow) - sale includes all the fixtures, sacks and machinery in the Mill used by Joseph Hall as corn-dealer; abuttals, 10 Nov 1825. Note: The whole estate, as conveyed on 10 Nov 1825, is hereafter listed as "the Mill etc".

MORTGAGE OF THE MILL ETC FOR 300: (Esther Vipond, as above, to said Joseph Hall), 11 Nov 1825.

TRANSFER OF THE MORTGAGE TO ROBERT BAINBRIDGE (Joseph Hall of Brookfield p Wigton yeoman, and Esther Vipond of Alston, widow, to Robert Bainbridge of Alston, gent), reciting from the above Nov 1825 mortgage; describes the estate as Mill, house and cottage adjoining, Mill Burn (as mill race), dam, piece of waste, and garden, 31 March 1828.

MORTGAGE (separate from the foregoing) OF THE MILL ETC FOR 300: (Esther Vipond to Ruth Stagg of Long Marton, Westmorland, widow), 3 July 1830.

LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION of Esther Vipond of Alston Town, widow - names her six children (John, her Administrator; Utrick; Ann, wife of John Turner; Mary, wife of William Nanson; Elizabeth, Sarah, both spinsters), probate in York Prerogative Court, 6 May 1844. Estate under 800. John Vipond was of Alston, saddler.

CONVEYANCE OF THE EQUITY OF THE MILL ETC FOR 34 (John Vipond to Utrick Vipond of Alston, corn merchant) subject to the above mortgages, June 1844.

TRANSFER OF THE BAINBRIDGES' MORTGAGE TO WILLIAM EWART (THE MILL ETC): (Robert Walton Bainbridge of Middleton House, Middleton in Teesdale, Co Durham, gent, and Utrick Bainbridge of Lonning House, Alston, gent, to William Ewart of Middleton in Teesdale, surgeon), Nov 1856.

ASSIGNMENT OF THE MORTGAGE TO PAY OFF MORTGAGEES: (William Ewart, as above, Robert Stagg of Plymouth in Devon, gent, George Head Head and Hubert Rawson both of Carlisle, bankers, and Utrick Vipond of Alston, miller, to Thomas Robson of Carlisle, builder), reciting from death of Esther Vipond, and that Ruth Stagg died in 1849 intestate (Admon. granted at Exeter, 1849) (other family history details receited) - the Mill, house, shops, cottages Mill Burn (as millrace), dam, garden, parcel of waste; the "shops, cottages", not further specified, June 1859.

CONVEYANCE OF THE MILL ETC with all fixtures, machinery and contents (not further specified) for 800 (Thomas Robson to George Head Head of Rickerby House, Esq), Sep 1865

ABSTRACT OF TITLE of George Head Head for his sale of the Mill etc to Mr Matthew Whitfield of Alston (covers 1859-65 only), 1876.

CONVEYANCE OF THE MILL ETC FOR 1865 (George Head Head Esq to Matthew Whitfield of Alston, miller) including the fixtures etc, 24 Aug 1876.

MORTGAGE OF THE MILL ETC FOR 430 (Matthew Whitfield to John Ismay Atkinson of Wylam, Northumberland, surgeon, and Joseph Dickinson jun. of Alston, gent), 25 Aug 1876.

CONVEYANCE OF PLOT OF GROUND with "joiner's shop or warehouse" on it on south side of the Mill Burn, formerly part of "Church Crofts otherwise Miller's Wife's Brow (Joseph Dickinson of Alston, gent, to Matthew Whitfield of Alston, merchant) for 55; plan included within the deed (plan is in outline only; measurements and abuttals given), 1888.

PROBATE OF THE WILL of Matthew Whitfield of Alston, miller (sole Executor: Samuel, his son), proved at Carlisle, 25 April 1893. Testator died on 21 January 1893.

CONVEYANCE OF THE MILL ETC FOR 1400 (Sarah Scaife of Low Mill, Alston, spinster, to William Lee of Alston, miller) - the Mill, house, shops, cottages, Mill Burn (as millrace), dam, garden, waste-plot, and warehouse-plot, 9 May 1903.

MORTGAGE OF SAME FOR 800 (William Lee to Sarah Scaife), 11 May 1903.

These deeds were put up by Chater & Atkinson, solicitors, Alston, on or about 20 April 1912 when the Mill etc was mortgaged by Hugh Haldon to Miss Sarah Scaife; the deeds were, however, in no particular order within the packets, and have been listed in chronological order. The inscribed portions of the deed-packets have been retained.



DX 165/3

Lease for one year

Between John Atkinson of Powhill, Kirkbride yeoman and Joseph Ismay of Burnfoot, Wigton yeoman of a close of arable or meadow in the townfields of Kirkbride called Leath's Crook, an inclosed parcel of arable or meadow ground at Powhill called Wampool Doors in the occupation of Jeremiah Mathew. Signature and seal of John Atkinson. Witnesses Andrew Rae, Joseph Irwin, Henry Lowes

17 February 1766


DX 165/4

Release by way of mortgage

Of a close of arable or meadow in the townfields of Kirkbride called Leath's Crook, an inclosed parcel of arable or meadow ground at Powhill called Wampool Doors in the occupation of Jeremiah Mathew

Consideration of 60, mortgage repayments 33 a year for 4 years and 63 on 18 February 1771. Signatures and seals of Joseph Ismay and John Atkinson. Endorsed memorandum of a further charge of 10 on 1st April 1766

18 February 1766


DX 165/7

Assignment of mortgage after lease for a year

Between John Atkinson of Powhill, Kirkbride, yeoman and Mary his wife; Joshua Harrison of Wigton, Thomas Farnas of Standinstone and Robert Hind of Tarnside, Wigton, yeoman the executors of the will of Joseph Ismay of Wigton, yeoman; and Richard Will of Longnewton, Holme Cultram, gentleman.

Consideration 3 to 2 74 1s 10d, 3 to 1 25 18s 2d.

Mortgage payments 34 a year for 6 years and 104 on 19 April 1777.

Signatures and seals of Richard Will, Robert Hind, Thomas Furnas, Joshua Harrison, Mary Atkinson and John Atkinson Witnesses Joseph Charles, Robert Barnes, Henry Lowes. Endorsed Memorandum of a further charge of 20 25 June 1770. Unexecuted memorandum of a further charge 1775

19 April 1770


DX 165/13

Assignment of Mortgage with the consent of Sir James Lowther lord of the manor of Kirkbride

Between John Atkinson of Powhill, Kirkbride, yeoman. William Robinson of Wigton gentleman eldest son and heir of John Robinson of Kirkland gentleman, deceased mortgage tenant and John Robinson of Kirkland second son of John Robinson executor. premisis customary messuage at Powhill of the yearly customary fine certain rent of 12s apportioned to 11s 11 3/4d.

Considration 3 to 1 6 & 519, 3 to 2 %s

Signatures and seals John Atkinson, William Robinson. Witnesses Joseph Martindale and J Ismay.

17 October 1781


DX 301/8

Family Photographs - Thistlethwaite & Ismay

a) H J Thistlethwaite, aged about 25, seated (sent to "Miss Clark" (photographer Appleton & Co, Horton Lane, Bradford, of shop)

b) "Thistlethwaite" aged about 25, seated, electric table lamp beside ( ditto - of cherubs admiring a picture)

c) John Ismay, aged about 40 (photographer W Sherwood, 74 Wood St, Maryport)

d) "J S Ismay, 21/9[18]79" aged about 40 (photographer Fotografia Garreaud, Calle Huerfanos, Valparaiso, of medal won 1875)

19th-20th century


DX 748/203

Title Deed for Lyers Head Close

Lease and release for 198 8s. 4d. (Isaac Westmorland of Wigton, merchant, to John Ismay of Waverton, yeoman, with Ann Gardner party hereto) concerning the mortgage begun in 1772 (item 196 above) or Lyers Head Close freehold messuge and tenemnent with common on Waite Rigg and cartroad, 2-3 Novemember 1784

Nov 1784


DX 748/206

Title Deed for Lyers Head Close

Lease and release for 260 (John Ismay, now of Bassenthwaite (late Waverton), yeoman, and Betty his wife, to John Thomlinson of Carlisle Esq.; Joseph Messenger of Cardurnock p. Bowness, clogger, party) of Lyers Head Closes otherwise Crayriggs, on the north of Waverton Dykes, 4-5 January 1787

Recites mortgage for 700 of property in Waverton (See also DX 748/205)

Jan 1787


DX 748/207

Fine in relation to Property in Blencogo

Left and right counterparts of fine (John Thomlinsonm, Esq., plaintiff; John Ismay and Betty his wife, deforciants) of 1 messuage, barn, stable, cowhouse, garden, 20 acres land, 10 acres meadow, and common of pasture, in Blencogo, Trinity 27 Geo. III [1787]

Nov 1788


DX 748/208

Fine in relation to Property in Blencogo

Left and right counterparts of fine (John Thomlinsonm, Esq., plaintiff; John Ismay and Betty his wife, deforciants) of 1 messuage, barn, stable, cowhouse, garden, 20 acres land, 10 acres meadow, and common of pasture, in Blencogo, Trinity 27 Geo. III [1787]

Nov 1787


DX 748/275

Documents relating to Blencogo and Other Estates

Various Persons:

a) Lomas to Ismay (Blencogo Manor) 1872-1889

b) Young to Hogarth and another (do.) 1888-1889

c) Stray admission (do.) of Richard Robinson, 1670

d) Lease of farm and lands at Bromfield for 11 years (Roger Williamson of Bassenthwaite Halls, gent., to John Beaty of Bromfield, yeoman) for 170 p.a. rent; farm is not named; husbandry clauses, 1825

e) Sundry other letters, admittances, vouchers, 1879-1898

Note: Steward for the Manors of Allonby and Blencogo in the later 19th century was C.B. Hodgson, The Courts, Carlisle,

1670 - 1898


DX 1065/24


Letter from Charles Hall, and draft public notice by same, re disputed right of way through Parkgate Farm claimed by Mr William Ismay; 2 letters re same from Rigg & Strong (solicitors, Wigton), all 1946; Sale advertisement (cutting) for Wavercroft (Waverton) with bids added by Charles Hall [c.1946]; Funeral bidding for Charles Hall (funeral at Friends' Meeting house, Wigton, on 12 Nov 1948); Letter of thanks for gift of 2 silver coins (1464-70) of Edward IV found at Waverton, given to Lancaster Museum by Councillor J R Hall of 39 Scotforth Road, Lancaster, Dec 1968.



DX 1709/12

Records of Skelton and Ismay wine and spirit merchants of King Street, Wigton

Deeds of partnership between William Skelton and George Ismay, 1893

Agreement for sale of a house in King Street, Wigton, between William Skelton and Jane Gate, 1902





Draft mortgage for 500 (Thomas Monro Watson of 21 Scotland Road, Stanwix, clogger, to Edward Cuthbert Woods of Birkenhead, dentist)

Former licensed premises at 17 Scotch Street (abutting on East Tower Street) formerly known as Ismay's Vaults, later as The Market Tavern, and now a furniture store (conveyed to the said T M Watson by the Home Secretary on 30 April 1923)





Conveyance for 95

East House, being a freehold house and garden in Oulton village p. Wigton (John Addison of Parton p. Thursby, yeoman, with John Gibson of Oulton p. Wigton, yeoman, party hereto, to Christopher Storey of Oulton, yeoman, its present tenant formerly the estate of John Ismay of Dockray who died on 28 March 1789 intestate leaving an only daughter Jane, who later married John Addison (died 1843) the present vendor's father



PR 33/51


Faculty to insert stained glass east window in memory of Thomas Ismay and family




PR 36/293


Printed booklet, "Words of the Anthems and Hymns, and sung in the Parish Church of Wigton. Collected and arranged by the Choristers"

Wigton: printed and sold by John Ismay





Petition of Mary the wife of William Messenger of Parkgate p. Wigton - "a mentinance Out of the State, and not be troublesome to the Parish nor others". Her husband has lately returned after many years away, and has sold all his estates "both frehold and Tenenright" worth 300 of which 100 is yet to be paid, and "gone of[f]"; that he has ignored his wife and son, "but have Putt all his trust in his Brother", his purchaser; the said brother John has given her nothing, and has taken 140 from her, and kept the 100 outstanding. Certified by the signatures of the Vicar of Wigton and 13 parishioners including William Thomlinson, John Rook, Daniel Ismay, and 5 Wilsons.






Similar petition from Wigton, signed by the Vicar and 43 others. No details of prices and quantities, but adds that "the poorer Sort of people who Depend upon a weekly Pension cannot be Supply'd". No ruling. Begins "To the Whorshipfull ...". Surnames include Senhouse, Rooke, Ker, Kay, Slack, Lightfoot, Hendrie, Saull, Hayton, Burges, Ismay, Selby, Watson, Askew.






Booker's certificate for same No. 17 large sheet, flamboyant hand; stolen at 4 a.m. on 1st August from James Ismay junior's grassing at "Corticall [Corkickle] near this Town"; belongs to "Thomas Huntington at Moor Whaite p. Wiggton"; "The Vallue of this Gelding: 4.0s.0d."; "Given in the 2nd at an our past 9 Evining, To: Richard Taylor" signed. Headed "Whitehaven".






Petition of Joseph Ismay of Wigton - black bay gelding stolen; duly booked. Ordered 4






John Ismay, Wigton


2 November 1829


SPC 110/1/2/1/1


Constable's accounts and miscellaneous

Accounts, 1833

Notice re local militia ballots, 1826-1827

Order to apprehend Robert Ismay, father of a bastard child, 1831

Orders re appointments of overseers, 1831-1835



SPC 110/1/3/6/1/5


Bastardy order re Mary Ann Richardson, singlewoman

Township of Papcastle

Child: male

Alleged father: Robert Ismay of Allerby, husbandman





New sanitary system at Castlerigg, St. John's-in-the-Vale, for F. Ismay Barnes

Cockermouth Rural District Council: building control plans





Vessel name: Henry Ismay Port of Registry: Maryport

Shipping registry documents: may include certificates of registry and survey, papers relating to changes of ownership, transfer, wreck etc if applicable.





Vessel name: Mary Ismay Port of Registry: Maryport

Shipping registry documents: may include certificates of registry and survey, papers relating to changes of ownership, transfer, wreck etc if applicable.

1849 1857




Apprenticeship records









DBEN/BOX412 - 413/Stray plans/66



Transferred from the Boxed Plans series. Senhouse and Jefferson. Plan. 38 x 46". No scale, but "North" etc. in margins. Shows the Market Place, seven houses on its north side (owners named, thus (west-east): Clark (late Osborn), Ismay (do.), Coulthard, a lane to Mr. Senhouse's Croft (late Udall), Johnson, Brown, Jefferson, Furnas with house (Jefferson, occ. Ward) behind it), stables, yards, "hay shade" [shed] gardens, crofts, hedges, Copeland Well and disputed path to it, "Two Meer Stones" in hedge, paths to the Well from the houses, gate (in elevation). North abuttal, Mr. Senhouse's field called Bogg (near the Well). Ink. Blue-crayon no. 307/1.

undated [18th century]




Parton Farm, Thursby

Conveyance (2) of the freehold estate at Parton, Thursby of 134 acres and 1 acre of Moss Land at Oulton, Wigton, by Jonathan Hewson of Micklethwaite, Thursby and others to Isaac Fletcher, ironmaster of High House, Frizington for 7650. 1892

Plan of Parton estate, Thursby

Requisition on title 1892

Opinion on title by F Thompson, Lincoln Inn with correspondence between Brockbank and Helder and F Thompson 1892

Statutory declaration (blank) as to John Addison's ownership of Parton Estate 1892

Statutory declaration by Elizabeth Paisley of Station Hill, Wigton, see above. 1892

Statutory declaration by Samuel Rigg, banker of Grange Bank, Wigton, see above 1892

Receipt (2) by T Rigg, solictor re Addison to Fletcher 1892

Agreement as to water supply between Isaac Fletcher and Catherine Ismay of Wigton and Samuel Rigg, banker, Wigton owners of the land adjoining Parton Estate. 1892

Correspondence re site of property, rental, insurance policy with the Sun Fire Insurance. (mention of Lords rent received by George Mulcaster, Bailiff for Earl of Londsale, Warwick, near Carlisle from J Addison) 1892

Rough notes from Brockbank and Helder, undated

Owners consent. John Fletcher Mossop of Sloane Street, London, consented to the erection of electricity masts or poles carrying lines on his land at Parton Farm, Thursby under the North West England and North Wales Electricity Scheme, 1928, with plans. 1929

Correspondence re the installation of a bathroom at Parton Farm, Thursdy as mains water had reached that area. It was to be an improvement under the Settled Land Act and was to be paid for by the sale of stocks in the trust funds 1930-1

Bills, receipts and schedule of correspondence for Brockbank, Helder and Ormrod, John Holliday and R Stoddart, see above. 1931

Correspondence re the erection by Mrs Hampson of a sign advertising caravans for hire on land at Parton Farm, the property of John Fletcher Mossop. 1933

Owners consent to erection of electricity lines and poles at Parton by John Fletcher Mossop to the Central Electricity Board with plan and letter 1935. 1929

Copy of letter sent by Brockbank, Helder and Ormrod to John Holliday esq of Somerset House, Whitehaven re Parton Farm improvements. 1931

Form of consent to erection of electricity lines and poles at Parton by John F Mossop to the Mid Cumberland Electricity Co Ltd with plan. 1933

Memorandum of above consent, with plan. 1935

1892 - 1935





Accounts and papers relating to Miss E Hobson's income derived from the voyages of 'The Glencoyn' (one of the ships of Ismay's White Star Line)

1868 - 1876




Papers relating to a charge against James Graham, of Workington, Joseph Ismay and John Waite, of Clifton, for salmon poaching






Deeds relating to a house, Shop, Slaughterhouse and premises at Ravenglass purchased by Lord Muncaster in 1880

Indentures of Lease and Release of these dates between Nicholas William Middleton of the City of London, Stationer, Joseph Middleton of Maryport, Daniel Gatey of the same place, shoemaker, and Mary his Wife, Daniel Middleton of Workington, Master Mariner, Henry Ismay of Maryport aforesaid Master Mariner and Charlotte his Wife Sarah Middleton of the same place, spinster, and Mary Middleton of the same place Widow of the one part and Isaac Middleton of Maryport aforesaid of the other part. 1814 8th and 9th July Abstract of Title to a freehold messuage and tenement at Ravenglass, Cumberland, the property of Mr Jonathan Middleton of Maryport. 1850 October Indenture of Conveyance between Jonathan Middleton of Maryport, Gentleman of the first part William Mossop of Ravenglass, Grocer of the second part and Christopher Hodgkin of Whitehaven Gentleman of the third part. 1850 9th November Probate of the Will of Mr William Mossop deceased. 1870 1st March Residuary Account of Personal Estates of the said William Mossop. 1871 17th May Indenture of Conveyance between Isaac Mossop of Number 5 Sylphide Villas, Forest Hill, Kent, Clerk of the one part and The Right Honorable Joslyn Francis, Baron Muncaster of the other part. 1880 12th January






1. John Bouch, Joseph Jonathan Thompson, James Shaw, John Stockdale, Ferdinand Latus, esquires, Robert Hendron, John Clarke [querents]. 2. Henry Tolson, gentleman, Tolson, junior, gentleman, William Parke, gentleman, Edward Ismay and Elizabeth, his wife, and William Barwis and Mary, his wife. [deforciants]. Premises: lands in Ponsonby and Wigton. Trinity, 4 Anne.





Ismay Beattie

Bathroom at the back of the Smithy, Church Road, Harrington

Apr 1 1925




Certificate of baptism for Joseph Ismay at Aketon on 25th July 1708


3 May 1737




Notice of ordination of Joseph Ismay on Trinity Sunday 1737


8 May 1737




Testimonial for Joseph Ismay from the Vicar of Brigham, also the Rectors of Lamplugh and Dean


9 May 1737


YDS 69/5/2/9


Boys Athletics Team

Including Mr Jeffreys, W Kelly, Tom Ismay, A Moore, Harry Lowery, Joe McKee, Mr Henderson, Pat Harrison, W Singleton, Mr Clifford, Phil Murphy, C Wynter, Fred Williamson



YDS 69/5/2/10


1st XI Rugby Team

Including Mr Irwing, Joey Cook, Hogg, A Moore, T Ismay, H Millar, H Tenby, Arthur Murrow, W Kelly, Joe McKee, Phil Murphy (English Schools), Pat Harrison, G Rudd, E Walmsley, W Scotty Morgan, Tom Christie: Probably the first Rugby Team to represent WCSS



YDS 69/5/3/5


The Tempest

Including T Ismay, Kelly, Haile

undated [1930s]