Whickham Churchyard










In Memory

Margaret wife of George

Ismay, Master and Mariner who

departed this life Oct 8th 1782

aged 39 years. Also 3 of their Children

George, Margaret & Sinclair.

George Ismay died at Greenland Jul 5th

And interred here August 9th Aged 44 years

Ellison Ismay Gardner

son of the above died November 1st 1863

Aged 85 Years


In loving memory of


beloved wife of John G. Ismay

who died January 14th 1928

aged 79 Years.

Also John George

beloved son of the above

who died May 15th 1906

aged 29 years

Also, the above John G. Ismay

who died March 3rd 1933

aged 89 years.

 Sinclair Irving Ismay

eldest son of the above

who died February 21st 1945

aged 69 years.

Also Stafford Ismay

son of John C and Margaret

who died May 10th 1968

aged 79 years.

Margaret daughter of the above

John C and Margaret Ismay

who died December 31st  1969, aged  85 years


Photograph taken by D. Nixon

The Family Burial Place


Thomas and Esther Ismay.

Ellison, their son died May 31st

1841, aged 2 years

John Michael, their son

died March 18th 1863 aged 1 year

The above named

Thomas Ismay

builder died December 25th 1865

aged 56 years

Margaret Ann Hurst

their daughter died August 18th 1877,

aged 38 years

The above Esther Ismay

died April 9 1878 aged 64 years





Place of

John and Frances Ismay.

The above

Frances Ismay

died May 29th 1884

aged 76 years

John Ismay

died June 4th 1884

aged 72 years

Sarah Isabella Ismay

daughter of the above

died Jan 14th 1933

aged 87 years



Photograph taken by D. Nixon