Transcription:- St Mary’s Church and Churchyard, Iwerne Minster, Dorsetshire, England

Ismay Family Plot

Sacred to the memory of James Hainsworth Ismay

Who died fully trusting in GOD’s mercy on

January 24th 1900 63 years of age

Great Thoughts Great Feeleings came to Him like Instincts Unawares

And to his second wife Muriel

Born 5th July 1880 Died 17th Sept 1958

“Gracious Understanding and Wise



IN front of the main monument there are three slabs in the ground



In loving memory of

Fitzroy James Abel Smith

Major Grenadier Guards

18.9.1932 – 30.4.1998

Son of Ralph and Olive Abel Smith





8th Sept. 1904 – 12th Nov 1987

Wife of

Ralph Abel Smith

And daughter of

James and Muriel Ismay

Also of

Ralph Abel Smith

6th May 1903 – 7th April 1990

Son of Wilfrid &

Violet Abel Smith




In loving memory of

Wilfred Ismay Abel Smith

15 September 1929 - 31 May 2010

Son of

Ralph and Olive Abel Smith


His beloved wife

Basilia Livingston Welch

Abel Smith

21 September 1929 – 3 Oct 2011



Inside the church there is a tiled mosaic wall memorial dedicated to James Hainsworth Ismay by his brother and sisters